Seeking My Heart's Pain - Poem

My heart cries out,
"I hate my life!"
My mind's reply
Is "Why?"

I am lonely
Where are my peers?
Thanks be to God for my sister.
Working alone
Working from home
Leaves me feeling isolated.

So here I sit,
Trapped in my room
Surrounded by stuff
I've not got space to use
My own little prison.

The Internet offers me
Parasocial relationships.
But I want something genuine.

My heart cries out,
I feel constrained
Cut off

Where are you God?
How do I escape this prison?
Where are the people
I long to befriend?
How do I find them?
How do we connect?
What do I do?

I'm quartered
By loneliness
A pressing urge to do something
And a faith that says,
"Wait on Jesus."
"It'll be worth it."
All the while
My heart screams
In tensile agony.

Please, God,
Save me!


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