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Making Astral Collision (An RPG Maker MV Project) Part 39

I've continued to work on the lore for the game, and done some additional work, most of which is inspired by the lore.

Making Astral Collision (An RPG Maker MV Project) Part 38

I've spent most of this week working on the lore for Astral Collision, so prepare for a lore dump! Though I start with some thoughts about developing lore that have guided and inspired this process. Timeline tool creation playlist:

A New Player's Guide to Guild Wars 1

Hello! If you've found this, then that means you want to know more about playing Guild Wars 1. This article will cover a variety of topics that I think are useful for getting the most out of the game. To set some expectations, my focus here is on conveying concepts that will help you play the game better in general, rather than on giving specific strategies for areas, specific team setups, or other similar things. There is a lot to learn about the game, so in order to avoid this becoming any more unwieldy than it already is, I'm going to focus on concepts and mechanics that the game doesn't cover particularly well that will help newer players. I'm not going to cover how to play, as that can be found elsewhere such as through in game tutorials and hints and on the Official Wiki  (where you can also find plenty of more advanced concepts as well as a ton of information). As my first tip, you can use the Help menu in game to get handy wiki links. This menu, accessible