A Journey of Introspection: Morality, LODs, and Connecting with God

I've come to realize recently that I have a blockage in relating to Jesus/God. This has to do with some fundamental concepts of understanding, and I want to dig into them. I figured writing would be a good way of doing this, and further, that I'd like to share that writing. As this will be a record of introspection, expect this article to be very stream-of-consciousness in nature. I am planning to do some minor editing for things like grammar and clarity, but overall? I'm expecting this to be a lot like reading my thoughts—because that's what it will be! The blockage has to do with feeling like a lot of the ways I was taught/shown for relating to God are Boros, while I'm Sultai . These terms come from a game, Magic: The Gathering , and thus may not be known to a lot of you. Therefore, I'm going to write up a primer of what these terms mean. For those familiar with them, feel free to skip that primer (it'll be in the section immediately below with a title I h

Fear, Anxiety, and Prayer

The other night as I was brushing my teeth, I found myself in prayer, as I often do. This particular night, however, I was praying specifically about the ball of amorphous anxiety I felt as a tension in my chest. The Young Adults group I'm in had just recently read the passage in Philippians 4:6-7 that directs us to pray to God about our anxieties. It had stood out to me, in the NASB translation we read, that this prayer should even include pleading. So it was that my prayer to God while I brushed my teeth was a desperate cry for revelation—I didn't even know what that ball of anxiety was about. Why was it there? What was it's source? How could I pray to God about my anxieties if I didn't even know what they were? Once I'd finished what ended up being a rather long session of brushing my teeth, God used memories of a Tweet from GlitchyReal  about writing ideas down to prompt me to pen the following: There's a certain sort of fragility that comes from being a pe

Psychopomps Are Missing: Goals and the Path to Release

I recently released an article introducing the game I'm working on in RPG Maker MV , which I'm calling Psychopomps Are Missing (at least until I come up with a finalized title). While discussing it with a Patron afterwards, he pointed out that, while I'd talked a lot about the game's design and mechanics, I'd failed to give a clear sense of what my final goal is or how to determine how close to achieving that goal I am. I intend to correct that oversight here, and to release regular articles in the future to communicate my progress on the game. I'll consider Psychopomps Are Missing completed when the twelve world regions are finished (the ten primary game regions of The Abyss, Wandering Wood, Ashdala, Avarei, Bowan, Kingdom of Dolfy, Ghymnipolis, United Streets, Cybernight City, and the mashup location that I should come up with a general term for that's a combination of two destroyed regions, plus the Pocket Dimension and Crossroads of Reality), the over

Tutorial: Making an RPG Maker MV Plugin

So there I was, thinking about things that I wish were a bit different in RPG Maker MV, when I started thinking about the drop table system. You know, the thing that looks like this: I personally find this to be entirely insufficient for three reasons. One, I can only have three items in the list; two, I can only have an item quantity of one drop per thing; and three, the drop probabilities are in the form 1/N (where N is a whole number). This last one is notably annoying because it means I can't have drop chances between 100% and 50%. So, like I said, I got to thinking about this, and that's when it hit me: I could easily write a plugin to solve these problems! Well, to easily solve two of these problems, anyway...changing the number of entries in the list is not so easy. So I'll do just that: write a plugin to change how drop chances work and to enable drop quantities of more than one. I decided I wanted to share this process, primarily my methodology and how I approach f