Trust, Truth, & Transformation - My Life Story Thus Far

Hello! I'm Ben, though I usually go by Sientir on the Internet. My love languages are touch and words of affirmation, I don't self-insert, I'm pretty sure my body's internal clock is better suited to 26 hours than 24 (Barrayar or Bajor, as I like to say), and I have no interest in having any pets, which makes me feel like a weirdo when so many people clearly love having at least one pet. Stuffed animals are pretty great though! As a Christian, it's my belief that sharing what God has done in my life (what gets called a "witness" or "testimony") is important to do. This is especially true for me, as I've come to believe that I'm called to be particularly open and honest about myself. I hope that this endeavor can be, in some way, an encouragement to you. As I've thought about writing this, I've found it difficult to know how to approach it. When I think over my life, I find it to be complex, sort of a braid or net of chains, with s

Geekdom of God: Satan's Tactics

Imagine you're Satan, fighting against God. Your goal is to make as much of God's creation His enemy as you can. You especially want to turn God's chosen people against Him. At first, you led His people Israel into idolatry, and that was going great (overall) until He punished them with the Babylonian Exile. They came back more dedicated to Him than ever, so it was time to change tactics by switching to Legalism. By getting them so caught up in the appearance of "holiness" (though it's really just a fabrication of your own design that you've convinced people is holiness, clever you), you fill them with self-righteousness and judgmentalism—the self-superior judging of others. And then God sends His son, Jesus, to earth in the form of a human being. You don't want Him to reestablish the Kingdom of Israel, with Jesus sitting on David's throne, so you hatch a scheme to tempt Him, to make Him fall into sin. That plan fails, but it was always kind of a l

Presenting the Identity Tier List!

An Identity Tier List is a way of displaying how important various aspects of someone's identity are to them; it can also be useful for figuring that information out in the first place! I had the idea for Identity Tier Lists as a result of trying to figure out how to word a comment on one of Liana K 's YouTube videos that involved aspects of my identity that are distinctly less important to me than other parts. Creating the Tier List and filling it out for myself has helped me process my identity quite a bit. I'm hoping it can do the same for you! I'll present and give an overview of an image template for making Identity Tier Lists in a moment, but first... What Is a Tier List? My first experience with Tier Lists are the ones used with Fighting Games (such as Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Mortal Combat, Smash Bros., Tekken, Soul Caliber, Marvel vs. Capcom—look, there are a lot of popular fighting game franchises out there). These are games with many characters for player

Astral Collision Autopsy

I recently released the final update video for Astral Collision  where I discussed why I wasn't going to be continuing to work on it. However, a conversation with  HuntingSwan , a fellow game creator who'd been following the project , has made it clear to me that I failed to put that decision into its proper context, as Astral Collision itself was just a snapshot of my efforts to create a game with RPG Maker MV. The purpose of this article is to give that fuller context. Before I do, however, I want to make sure people who are unfamiliar with RPG Maker MV have some basic knowledge of that program. If you are already familiar with it, please feel free to skip the next section. What Is RPG Maker MV? Part of the RPG Maker series by Kadokawa, RPG Maker MV is a game creation tool that was released in 2015. The RPG Maker tools are aimed at creators new to game development, though a flexible plugin system makes them suitable for more experienced developers as well. As the game engine