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Astral Collision Autopsy

I recently released the final update video for Astral Collision  where I discussed why I wasn't going to be continuing to work on it. However, a conversation with  HuntingSwan , a fellow game creator who'd been following the project , has made it clear to me that I failed to put that decision into its proper context, as Astral Collision itself was just a snapshot of my efforts to create a game with RPG Maker MV. The purpose of this article is to give that fuller context. Before I do, however, I want to make sure people who are unfamiliar with RPG Maker MV have some basic knowledge of that program. If you are already familiar with it, please feel free to skip the next section. What Is RPG Maker MV? Part of the RPG Maker series by Kadokawa, RPG Maker MV is a game creation tool that was released in 2015. The RPG Maker tools are aimed at creators new to game development, though a flexible plugin system makes them suitable for more experienced developers as well. As the game engine

I Give the Supernatural Finale a B

Before I explain myself, or rather, this article's title, I want to first validate the feelings and frustrations of the many fans of Supernatural who, to put it mildly, were disappointed by the finale. In discussing how I view it, I am only providing my own perspective; I am in no way attempting to say that someone else's reaction is invalid by doing so. I want to start that way, because I think it's important for people to hear. If you liked or even loved the finale, that's fantastic! If you were disappointed, hurt, let down, or even felt betrayed by it, that reaction is, in my opinion, quite understandable. There are a lot of reasons to have a negative reaction to it, depending upon how you invest in media. Which brings me back to, well, me. I myself don't tend to invest in characters as heavily as many other people do. Rather, I'm much more of a worldbuilding geek. Characters do matter to me, relationships do matter to me, but the world also does in a very fu