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Good News Gone Bad: Why Does My Heart Fear God Isn't Good?

          The most important claim of Christianity is that God is good. While I believe this with my mind, I’ve come to realize that my heart fears that it might not be true. I want to know why, but to figure it out will require concentrated introspection, and I’ve found that the best way for me to do that is to write because it forces my brain to think things through. I’ve decided to make that process public in the hopes that it might be of help to others. The result is akin to a polished journal entry. I hope you find this look into my mind and thought processes useful as I attempt to uncover the reasons why my heart fears God might not be good. Part 1: Doubting God’s Goodness           It is my general belief that a key source of these fears has its origin in culture, both Christian and secular. To be clear, many of my issues aren’t from things people deliberately taught me; rather, they’re things I absorbed. Unfortunately, cultural osmosis has proven to be the worst way to learn t

Psychopomps Are Missing Progress Report for December 2022

  Hello, and welcome to my sixth  progress report  for  Psychopomps Are Missing , the  RPG Maker MV  game I'm currently developing. This is a quarterly report about the progress I've made towards completion of the game. If you want updates more frequently than that, I recommend subscribing to the  $5 tier at my Patreon , as the diary entries at that tier include updates if I've worked on the game that day (along with information about other projects I've got in the works). Videos about the game are  available on my YouTube channel, which you can watch  here . You can find the most recent progress report here . It also happens to be the first progress report since the big change in direction to the game, which you can read about there. Note: In November, I ended up starting a short side-RPG Project. This was to get some creative ideas out of my head. It uses a much simpler framework than Psychopomps for worldbuilding, which will help me get it done substantially faster.