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Seeking My Heart's Pain - Poem

My heart cries out, "I hate my life!" My mind's reply Is "Why?" I am lonely Where are my peers? Thanks be to God for my sister. Working alone Working from home Leaves me feeling isolated. So here I sit, Trapped in my room Surrounded by stuff I've not got space to use My own little prison. The Internet offers me Parasocial relationships. But I want something genuine. My heart cries out, I feel constrained Cut off Isolated Alone. Where are you God? How do I escape this prison? Where are the people I long to befriend? How do I find them? How do we connect? What do I do? I'm quartered By loneliness A pressing urge to do something Anything And a faith that says, "Wait on Jesus." "It'll be worth it." All the while My heart screams In tensile agony. Please, God, Save me!