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The Ninth Commandment - Geekdom of God Ep. 35

The Ninth Commandment prohibits the giving of false testimony. This isn't just about lying—it's about trying to twist and distort justice. I believe that this episode demonstrates how the Bible addresses many of the issues we're facing today online, especially with social media. Come check it out! Join my Discord Server: Support me at

Guild Chat: Commuting and Capitalism

In the first Guild Chat video for this week, I compare commuting to video games. It definitely deserves the title of "The Worst Video Game" in my opinion! In the second video, I talk about some of the mechanics of capitalism. I try to do this from a game designer's perspective, but I might wander a bit on that over the course of it. The consequence of not using a script, I suppose. Still, I hope you find it interesting. Direct video links: Commuting: The Worst Video Game - Capitalism and Incentive Systems -

Let's Play Hollow Knight Episodes 1-5

Time to start a new game for the Let's Play series! I'm finally getting around to playing Hollow Knight, for my first time. I'm liking it so far! Direct video links: Let's Play Hollow Knight Ep. 1: It Begins - Let's Play Hollow Knight Ep. 2: False Knight - Let's Play Hollow Knight Ep. 3: False Knight Round 2 - Let's Play Hollow Knight Ep. 4: Lost in the Garden - Let's Play Hollow Knight Ep. 5: Hornet -

The Eighth Commandment - Geekdom of God Ep. 34

This episode is about the Eighth Commandment, which prohibits theft. In it, I talk about some of the less direct ways that people might commit theft. I also talk about taxes and digital piracy, which are relevant to this topic. Join my Discord Server: Support me at

Guild Chat: Forgetting The Force & Humanity

In the first of these, I talk about my annoyance with super powers that only manifest when the plot wants them, and thus get used in an unrealistic way. I also delve some into hard and soft magic, which is an important related concept. In the second video, I talk about the incredible depths of each person's humanity. This is an important subject, I believe, and I'm hoping that this video can help people to view each other as the full and complete human beings we each are. Direct video links: Forgetting The Force—Unless the plot wants to use it - You are you & I am me -

Let's Learn Stellaris Episodes 30-34

This is the last week of Stellaris, as I basically reached the end of the game of it that I was playing. At least, I feel like I hit an inevitability point where I would mostly be waiting for the timer to run out and for me to be declared the victor. I could be missing something, but if I'm not, I don't think waiting for that makes for good viewing, so I decided to end it where I did. The last episode contains my thoughts on my experience with the game, so if you're interested in those specifically, you can hear them there! Direct video links: Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 30: Growing Tall - Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 31: Taking the Lead - Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 32: Shrinking the Galaxy - Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 33: Inevitability Sets In - Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 34: Finale -

Guild Wars: Prophecies - The "Spellcaster Races"

There are two races in Guild Wars: Prophecies that are strangely similar in structure. These two races are presented as spellcasters, rather than physical attackers. But let me back up and go over some of the simple structure of the game, for those who are unfamiliar with it. The very first Guild Wars game, later subtitled "Prophecies," was released in 2005 and is a sort of online RPG. It has six classes, called "professions," because why not. Of these six, four were spellcasters: Mesmer (a sort of disruptive caster), Necromancer, Monk (the healing class—analogous to priests in other games), and Elementalists (basically a black mage). The other two professions were physically oriented professions: Rangers (bow users) and Warriors (could use swords, hammers, and axes). Every character in the game has a profession. You can technically use two at once, a primary profession and a secondary profession, but in the base game, this wasn't really used much on enemi

The Seventh Commandment - Geekdom of God Ep. 33

This episode is on the Seventh Commandment, which prohibits adultery. As such, this episode talks a lot about sexual relationships, marriage, and lust. The episode on the 1st & 2nd Commandments: Join my Discord Server: Support me at

Worldbuilding Thoughts: Deities and Religion

Worldbuilding Thoughts is a new Guild Chat feature that will appear irregularly. I love worldbuilding, so it makes sense to talk about some of my thoughts regarding it. This idea was spawned with what is more or less a two-parter on deities and religion. This pair of episodes was originally inspired by thoughts I'd had about the way faith appears in games, but it grew from that seed idea into something that I think is greater. I hope you all enjoy it! Direct video links: Worldbuilding Thoughts: Deities - Worldbuilding Thoughts: Religion -

Let's Learn Stellaris Episodes 25-29

I had some long episodes this week because I was having so much fun playing that I lost track of time! Probably a good sign. Anyway, this week I found the last remaining empire that I hadn't previously had contact with. I don't think they like me much. I don't think they like anyone much, honestly. I also develop some really useful technologies and spend a lot of time on upgrading my empire and planets and such. Direct video links: Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 25: Deficits Galore - Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 26: Wormholes, ho! - Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 27: Business as Usual - Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 28: Involuntary Expansion - Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 29: Planetary Development -

The Sixth Commandment - Geekdom of God Ep. 32

In this episode, I talk about the Sixth Commandment, which prohibits murder. While that is very straightforward in-and-of itself, I think there's a lot to learn by looking at the line between murder and killing. I do that in this episode by examining what things the Bible indicates are killings, but not murders—which leaves everything else as murders. Join my Discord Server: Support me at

Guild Chat: Words and Memory

In the first Guild Chat of this week, I talk about a pet peeve of mine: when people use "cussing," "cursing," and "swearing" as synonyms. I go into the differences in that video. In the second video, I talk about why I think the way memory works is responsible for the perception that time passes more quickly as we get older. Direct video links: Cussing, Cursing, and Swearing - Memory and the Perception of Time -

Let's Learn Stellaris Episodes 20-24

I had several lengthier episodes this week, as I really got absorbed in playing and lost track of time. Which is a sign that I'm having a ton of fun with this game! Aside from continuing to expand my empire (and holding off the Larongo—again), a couple of significant things occurred. The first is a new sapient species has joined my empire, a type of fungus being. Their ability to effectively colonize arid planets is most welcome. I also have begun helping a gas giant dwelling species with settlement efforts. I'm curious to see where that goes. And finally, I make a bid to reclaim Tatooine from the titanic lifeforms that had taken it over. If you want to know how that goes, watch the last episode. ;) Direct video links: Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 20: Empire Management - Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 21: Fungus Friends! - Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 22: Impregnable Defense - Let&