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Psychopomps Are Missing: An Introduction

Psychopomps Are Missing (working title, very subject to change) is an RPG I'm developing in RPG Maker MV that features a lot of custom code. The game itself focuses on a group of seven individuals who are the only people assigned to a specific psychopomp when various parallel realities all collapse down into one, resulting in catastrophic chaos. By this point, I suspect most of you are wondering what a "psychopomp" even is. Psychopomps are beings that ferry the souls of the newly dead to the afterlife. Synonyms would include "reaper" and "envoy," and famous examples are Charon from Greek mythology and Valkyries from Norse mythology. The game itself will deal with themes that are important to me: religion, sexuality, nonsexual nudity, and culture. I'm very aware that the game I make will say something, and I want to be very expressive of myself through it. However, it is very important to me that the game I make is fun and engaging first and foremo