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Making Astral Collision (An RPG Maker MV Project) Part 17

This week, I worked on fleshing out more details of the Adventurers' Guild. In particular, I worked on the Adventurer Ranks system and the Adventurers' Guild's headquarters building.

Making Astral Collision (An RPG Maker MV Project) Part 16

I chose to focus on weapon and equipment design stuff this week, rather than continuing map making work. I've made a lot of progress in this regard that I want to discuss, both in actual details and design philosophy.

Codex from January 18, 2020 Guild Wars Stream

Codex Warrior Axe Mastery Agonizing Chop | Axe Rake | Axe Twist | Critical Chop | Penetrating Blow | Swift Chop | Hammer Mastery Belly Smash | Crude Swing | Crushing Blow | Devastating Hammer | Hammer Bash | Heavy Blow | Overbearing Smash | Strength Berserker Stance | Dolyak Signet | Enraging Charge | Flourish | Magehunter Strike | Power Attack | Protector's Strike | Sprint | Swordsmanship Final Thrust | Galrath Slash | Hamstring | Hundred Blades | Pure Strike | Seeking Blade | Sever Artery | Tactics Balanced Stance | Bonetti's Defense | Healing Signet | Riposte | Shield Stance | Soldier's Strike | No Profession "You're All Alone!" | Wild Blow | Mesmer Domination Magic Blackout | Diversion | Empathy | Ignorance | Power Block | Power Leak | Wastrel's Demise | Fast Casting Keystone Signet | Persistence of Memory | Symbolic Celerity | Symbolic Posture | Symbols of Inspiration | Ill

Making Astral Collision (An RPG Maker MV Project) Part 15

In today's episode, I go over the first parts of the narrative (as far as I've planned out so far); discuss plans for crafting, the palace in Kendara, and world progression; and cover some more implemented mechanics. Specifically, I discuss some new states, a new weapon, and the Divine Monuments. There's even some quick debugging!

Religion for Games X Astral Collision: A Practical Example | Part 5 (Finale)

In this final episode of this subseries, I hammer out the details of the lore immediately following the Astral Collision. This forms the basis of the state of the world as the game begins.

Guild Wars 1 Codex from January 8, 2020 Stream

========== CODEX ========== Axe Rake Critical Chop Decapitate Disrupting Chop Executioner's Strike Penetrating Blow Penetrating Chop Auspicious Blow Counter Blow Crushing Blow Hammer Bash Pulverizing Smash Staggering Blow "I Meant to Do That!" "I Will Survive!" "You Will Die!" Counterattack Defy Pain Dolyak Signet Magehunter Strike Power Attack Rage of the Ntouka Barbarous Slice Galrath Slash Gash Hamstring Knee Cutter Silverwing Slash "Fear Me!" "None Shall Pass!" Defensive Stance Protector's Defense Soldier's Strike Wary Stance "You're All Alone!" Ignorance Overload Power Spike Price of Pride Shame Signet of Weariness Persistence of Memory Power Return Stolen Speed Symbolic Celerity Symbolic Posture Air of Disenchantment Ancestor's Visage Calculated Risk Ethereal Burden Illusion of Haste Illusion of Pain Kitah's Burden Recurring Insecurity Share

Making Astral Collision (An RPG Maker MV Project) Part 14

This week, I've finished the maps for the residential district of Kendara, gotten more details put into the center crossroads (which then spills over to the roads themselves), and begun working on the maps for the Palace. I've also done some planning for a resurrection item.

Religion for Games X Astral Collision: A Practical Example | Part 4

In this episode, I finish getting the pre-planning for the various worlds done. Next up will be the events of the Astral Collision itself!