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5 Times God Did Or Honored Something We Might Not Expect - Geekdom of God Ep. 18

It seemed high time to me to do another top 5 list! As I read the Bible there are certain events that stand out to me because they are times that God either does or honors something that would seem unexpected given a shallow view of who He is. This is a list of five of those times. Here are the links to Bible passages that I said were in this here description: Joshua 2: Joshua 6: Genesis 38: Join my Discord Server: Support me at

VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 191-197)

This week I mostly played Guild Wars 1, with a focus on collecting random things (skills and hero armor). I did finally get back to Winds of Change content. I also finally made a Dev Play recording of Highway to the Moon! I don't show off everything the game has to offer—I wanted to give people an incentive to explore the game themselves (and buy it, of course!)—but I do show off a typical playthrough of the game. Direct video links: Guild Wars 1: Divine Coordinates - Guild Wars 1: Somewhere in Mineral Springs... - Guild Wars 1: Capping Necro Elites - Guild Wars 1: Remains of Sahlahja - Guild Wars 1: The Shadow Nexus - Guild Wars 1: Reison the Phoenix - Highway to the Moon: A Dev Play -

What Does the Bible Say About Money? - Geekdom of God Ep. 17

After the more off-the-cuff Geekdom of God last week dealt with the topic of turning money into an idol, I felt it appropriate to examine money in general in more detail. So I did. With this episode. I promised a link to a passage from Deuteronomy (24:10-22), so here it is: If you want to watch the previous episode, you can find it here: Join my Discord Server: Support me at

VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 184-190)

I continued my Let's Play of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice this week, then spent a lot of time fighting Jade Brotherhood in the sewers of Kaineng City in Guild Wars 1 before deciding it'd be prudent to go pick up some more PvE only skills to help in those efforts. Direct video links: Combat Focus - Walking Around Trees - Impenetrable Circle - Jade Brotherhood in the Sewers - Lake of Jade - Hordes of Jade - Deciphering the Human Gods -

Why God wants people to worship Him - Geekdom of God Ep. 16

This is a uniquely made Geekdom of God, at least for the current form they've been in, in that I didn't work from a script like I usually do. As such, please forgive any mistakes in transcription! I mention a number of things throughout the video that I think it'd be good for me to include links to: • Sientir's Rambler Ep. 3 - What is a god, anyway? • The image of the Declaration of Independence that I used from WikiPedia: • I reference Maslow's Hierarchy of needs: • I take an excerpt from this Isaiah passage, but I think the entire thing is worth reading: Join my Discord Server: Support me at

VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 177-183)

This week my Pre-Searing Ascalon character got to level 20, becoming a Legendary Defender of Ascalon! I also began a Let's Play of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice in an intentional decision to use my VOD of Consciousness recording time to work on my game backlog. And then I returned to Guild Wars 1 and the Winds of Change content. Direct video links: Legendary Defender of Ascalon - Senua's Boat Ride - Senua and Her Sword Arm - Firesetter Senua - Firefighter Senua - Nahpui Quarter Lacks Resurrection Shrines - Aggressive Infiltration -

Geekdom of God Ep. 15 - Disputable Matters

In this episode, which is something of a continuation of the previous one on Judging, I talk about disputable matters. These are things that may or may not be sins—the grey area of sin. Watch the episode to find out more! Join my Discord Server: Support me at

VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 170-176)

This week I continued working on Winds of Change content. This included finishing off the last of the Afflicted, and the beginnings of the Ministry of Purity targeting other groups, in this case, the criminal organization, the Am Fah. The Am Fah have a particular fondness of the Affliction-causing plague, so this progression makes sense. Also, this week I finished the Fury3 Let's Play! It ended up having 8 parts in total. Replaying the game was a lot of fun! I'm glad I did this Let's Play. Direct video links: Cleansing Zunraa - The Tactical Power of Stairs - Who Is the Wave? - The Giant Afflicted Threats - The Am Fah Plague - Reading and Running - Let's Play: Fury 3 (Part 8—FINALE) -

Video: Trigonometric Triangles

Best viewed in full screen, probably. So, I do math tutoring, and one of my students is currently learning trigonometry. This student is a visual learner, which inspired me to make this video. For more details, click the "View on YouTube" button and read the description. :) And while you're there, maybe watch some of my other videos, eh?

Dreamlogic Development: An Introduction

Well, we'll see if posting about this is a good idea or bad idea in the long run. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Dreamlogic is the project name I've given to an RPG I'm making in RPG Maker MV. I'm calling it that because whenever I start to make an RPG in RPG Maker MV, I get bogged down in trying to create logical lore, which causes the project to stall out. This project, therefore, is explicitly using "dream logic," which means it doesn't have to be perfect or make complete sense. It allows me to just create in the way that works best for me—pushing little bits of design forward at a time. The general premise is that the Lord of Nightmares has been locked up by the Princes of Nightmare, because if the Lord of Nightmares dies, so do all of the Princes. And everyone except the Lord of Nightmares knows that he is imminently defeatable. So, the Princes of Nightmare have locked the Lord of Nightmares up, and are keeping him sealed away behind a door

Geekdom of God Ep. 14 - Judging

This episode is about judging. It is an important topic, and I'm glad to finally spend some time discussing it. If you want to know more, well, you're in luck: there's an entire video to watch all about it! Join my Discord Server: Support me at