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Trust, Truth, & Transformation - My Life Story Thus Far

Hello! I'm Ben, though I usually go by Sientir on the Internet. My love languages are touch and words of affirmation, I don't self-insert, I'm pretty sure my body's internal clock is better suited to 26 hours than 24 (Barrayar or Bajor, as I like to say), and I have no interest in having any pets, which makes me feel like a weirdo when so many people clearly love having at least one pet. Stuffed animals are pretty great though! As a Christian, it's my belief that sharing what God has done in my life (what gets called a "witness" or "testimony") is important to do. This is especially true for me, as I've come to believe that I'm called to be particularly open and honest about myself. I hope that this endeavor can be, in some way, an encouragement to you. As I've thought about writing this, I've found it difficult to know how to approach it. When I think over my life, I find it to be complex, sort of a braid or net of chains, with s