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Making Astral Collision (An RPG Maker MV Project) Part 21

I finally finished the first draft of all of the weapon damage formulas! I spend a bunch of this video discussing them. I also updated the way the weapon comparison display was being generated to better accommodate the way I calculate weapon damage. I then discuss the character class detailed design work I'm just beginning to embark on, particularly the need for it and why what I've done on it up to this point hasn't been enough.

Guild Wars Codex from February 19, 2020 Stream

Codex Warrior Axe Mastery Cleave | Cyclone Axe | Disrupting Chop | Executioner's Strike | Swift Chop | Hammer Mastery Hammer Bash | Heavy Blow | Irresistible Blow | Staggering Blow | Strength Berserker Stance | Bull's Strike | Endure Pain | Shield Bash | Swordsmanship Final Thrust | Hamstring | Savage Slash | Seeking Blade | Tactics "Shields Up!" | "Watch Yourself!" | Healing Signet | Thrill of Victory | No Profession Frenzy | Mesmer Domination Magic Backfire | Hex Breaker | Mind Wrack | Power Spike | Illusion Magic Arcane Conundrum | Conjure Phantasm | Imagined Burden | Soothing Images | Inspiration Magic Energy Tap | Mantra of Earth | Mantra of Lightning | Power Drain | No Profession Arcane Mimicry | Echo | Ranger Beast Mastery Disrupting Lunge | Ferocious Strike | Maiming Strike | Primal Echoes | Scavenger Strike | Expertise Distracting Shot | Lightning Reflexes | Throw Dirt | Whirling Defense |

Making Astral Collision (An RPG Maker MV Project) Part 20

As I was looking at weapon formulas, I began thinking about the fact that I'd want to balance the various weapons against each other as I worked on the game and got more of a sense of where balance should be late game. I also thought about how much work that tweaking was going to be, as I'm going to want to add more weapons to the game. Then I had a realization: I could move the damage and critical hit multiplier formulas into functions in a separate file! I go over that thought process and what I did about it in this video.

Guild Wars Skill Codices from Saturday, February 15, 2020 Stream

Rules (Used During Second Codex) • No profession may be duplicated in primaries/secondaries. (You may have a W/Mo and a Mo/W, but not a W/Mo and W/R or Mo/W and R/W.) Codex 2 Warrior Axe Mastery Axe Rake | Axe Twist | Dismember | Disrupting Chop | Executioner's Strike | Swift Chop | Hammer Mastery Backbreaker | Counter Blow | Crushing Blow | Heavy Blow | Irresistible Blow | Mighty Blow | Staggering Blow | Strength "I Will Survive!" | Berserker Stance | Defy Pain | Endure Pain | Flourish | Protector's Strike | Shield Bash | Warrior's Cunning | Swordsmanship Galrath Slash | Gash | Hamstring | Savage Slash | Seeking Blade | Sever Artery | Tactics "Fear Me!" | "Shields Up!" | "Victory Is Mine!" | Balanced Stance | Deadly Riposte | Desperation Blow | Shield Stance | Mesmer Domination Magic Hex Breaker | Ignorance | Power Leak | Shatter Delusions | Shatter Hex | Wastrel's

Making Astral Collision (An RPG Maker MV Project) Part 19

Now with more webcam! I'm still a bit inexperienced with being on camera, so please be patient with me as I get used to it. :) As for this episode, I finished plans for non-weapon equipment specs and fleshed out a couple more weapons, but my specific focus was on the early game experience—how does the game feel when you first start it up? What should that look like in equipment, goals, and skills? I generally figured out the first two this week, but while I've got a philosophy for that last one, I still need to hammer out the details. There's also some smaller tweaks that I made and some other general concerns I want to keep an eye on. Overall, there's a lot to cover in this episode!

Codex from Saturday, February 8, 2020 Stream

Codex Warrior Axe Mastery Agonizing Chop | Critical Chop | Furious Axe | Lacerating Chop | Penetrating Blow | Penetrating Chop | Hammer Mastery Belly Smash | Crushing Blow | Overbearing Smash | Pulverizing Smash | Renewing Smash | Yeti Smash | Strength "I Will Survive!" | Bull's Charge | Griffon's Sweep | Leviathan's Sweep | Rage of the Ntouka | Rush | Signet of Stamina | Signet of Strength | Swordsmanship Barbarous Slice | Dragon Slash | Galrath Slash | Knee Cutter | Silverwing Slash | Standing Slash | Steelfang Slash | Tactics "To the Limit!" | Deflect Arrows | Disciplined Stance | Protector's Defense | Soldier's Defense | Soldier's Speed | Soldier's Stance | No Profession Skull Crack | Mesmer Domination Magic Overload | Power Lock | Psychic Distraction | Shame | Shatter Delusions | Signet of Distraction | Wastrel's Demise | Fast Casting Arcane Languor | Persist

Making Astral Collision (An RPG Maker MV Project) Part 18

The rest of life was really busy this week, so I wasn't able to get much done on Astral Collision. But "not much" isn't nothing! So let's talk about the things I did get done: Finishing the enchantments (I review 'em all); a new, additional necklace design; and a new Ninja skill!