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Tutorial: Making an RPG Maker MV Plugin

So there I was, thinking about things that I wish were a bit different in RPG Maker MV, when I started thinking about the drop table system. You know, the thing that looks like this: I personally find this to be entirely insufficient for three reasons. One, I can only have three items in the list; two, I can only have an item quantity of one drop per thing; and three, the drop probabilities are in the form 1/N (where N is a whole number). This last one is notably annoying because it means I can't have drop chances between 100% and 50%. So, like I said, I got to thinking about this, and that's when it hit me: I could easily write a plugin to solve these problems! Well, to easily solve two of these problems, anyway...changing the number of entries in the list is not so easy. So I'll do just that: write a plugin to change how drop chances work and to enable drop quantities of more than one. I decided I wanted to share this process, primarily my methodology and how I approach f