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Psychopomps Are Missing Progress Report for December 2021

Hello, and welcome to my second progress report for Psychopomps Are Missing , the RPG Maker MV game I'm currently developing. The first one of these progress report articles was released back in September, and at the time I wasn't sure how often I'd publish a new one. I've since decided I like a quarterly frequency. If you want updates more frequently than that, I recommend subscribing to the $5 tier at my Patreon , as the diary entries at that tier include updates if I've worked on the game that day (along with information about other projects I've got in the works). As my measures for determining when the game is complete are no different than what I laid out initially in that first article , I recommend checking it out if you want to know how I am determining the completeness of Psychopomps Are Missing . Also, to avoid repeating the same thing over and over again, I'll mostly focus on what has changed since the previous article, so at least giving it a g

Modesty's Oppression & Humanizing Sex Workers

Some time ago, I came to believe that God's purpose for my life is for me to be vulnerable and open. Since then, I have worked towards this purpose. I've talked about my identity and my life . However, there are a number of things that I'm quite passionate about that I've not properly shared because of my fear of judgment from fellow Christians. Yet, if I want to be obedient to God, then I must overcome that fear. To that end, today I would like to talk about two general categories of things that I'm passionate about: some of the problems that come from modesty norms and the wellbeing of sex workers. "The Cult of Female Modesty" "The Cult of Female Modesty" is what the British Economist Victoria Bateman calls the social/cultural belief that a woman's worth is found in her bodily modesty. This is a reductionist and dehumanizing belief, and it is related to a pernicious idea that nudity, sexuality, sex organs, and sexual intercourse are naugh