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Psychopomps Are Missing Progress Report for June 2022

 Hello, and welcome to my fourth  progress report  for  Psychopomps Are Missing , the  RPG Maker MV  game I'm currently developing. This is a quarterly report about the progress I've made towards completion of the game. If you want updates more frequently than that, I recommend subscribing to the  $5 tier at my Patreon , as the diary entries at that tier include updates if I've worked on the game that day (along with information about other projects I've got in the works). Videos about the game are  available on my YouTube channel, which you can watch  here . I've also started releasing builds of the game on my Discord server in the #game-development channel. The messages that contain the download links are pinned. As my measures for determining when the game is complete are no different than what I laid out initially in the  first progress report article , I recommend checking it out if you want to know how I am determining the completeness of  Psychopomps Are Mi