VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 191-197)

This week I mostly played Guild Wars 1, with a focus on collecting random things (skills and hero armor). I did finally get back to Winds of Change content. I also finally made a Dev Play recording of Highway to the Moon! I don't show off everything the game has to offer—I wanted to give people an incentive to explore the game themselves (and buy it, of course!)—but I do show off a typical playthrough of the game.

Direct video links:

Guild Wars 1: Divine Coordinates - https://youtu.be/88UL4mn3rCY
Guild Wars 1: Somewhere in Mineral Springs... - https://youtu.be/f1bf9fBgRcA
Guild Wars 1: Capping Necro Elites - https://youtu.be/dpbLFzd9XGI
Guild Wars 1: Remains of Sahlahja - https://youtu.be/SZOFJzp0wQM
Guild Wars 1: The Shadow Nexus - https://youtu.be/_jkk5uXXVys
Guild Wars 1: Reison the Phoenix - https://youtu.be/9NLA0UN_Evw
Highway to the Moon: A Dev Play - https://youtu.be/1UkWj5oV7Sw


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