An Unexpected Absence - Poem

They say that life is short
But it never seemed quite true
Until the weeping maws of death
Closed down upon vibrant you

What is this horror?
What is this pain?
To learn of a death
That leaves us bereft
Of one untimely slain?

The days that would've been
The conversations
The laughter
The hugs
The love
The joy
The future
That's now simply...

An unexpected absence
Leaving naught but sorrow
In its painful wake.

Could this be a mistake?
Some cosmic error?
How can you be gone?
How do I soothe this terror?

My heart rent open
As I realize
The painful truth
Before my eyes
A human life
So like my own
Full of dreams, and hopes, and wonder
Craving love and pouring it yonder
A well of life gone dry.

A well of sorrow overflows
And rolls down my cheeks
As I'm wrung out by the agony
Of cruel reality

Oh, that I could have said goodbye
To one longing for home
Who was ready to die
Whose time had come.
Alas! It was not so.

If only we could have said
One final time
"I love you."

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