Guild Wars Skill Review Project for Dervish & Introduction to Let's Make a Game: Astral Collision

This week I reviewed the Dervish skills for the Guild Wars 1 Skill Review Project. That means next week is the Paragon, and the week after are the PvE-Only skills not associated with a profession (and also Resurrection Signet). I'm thinking I might do those all in one video...

And this Sunday, I've started a new series where I make a game. I introduce it, and the game I've started making (Astral Collision) in this episode. Hopefully it's interesting to people! While this game is in RPG Maker MV, I'm planning on using Unity for future installments.

Direct video links:

Guild Wars 1—Skill Review Project: Dervish—Introduction -
Guild Wars 1—Skill Review Project: Dervish—Earth Prayers, PvE-Only, & No Attribute -
Guild Wars 1—Skill Review Project: Dervish—Mysticism -
Guild Wars 1—Skill Review Project: Dervish—Scythe Mastery -
Guild Wars 1—Skill Review Project: Dervish—Wind Prayers -
Introduction to Astral Collision, an RPG Maker MV Project—Making Astral Collision Part 1 -


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