Final Guild Wars 1 Skill Review Project Episode & Making Astral Collision Part 4

This week, I finally finish the Guild Wars 1 Skill Review Project by discussing lessons learned over the course of making it. I talk a lot about aspects related to making a game (or series of games) that have ideas similar to how Guild Wars 1 works.

I continue working on Astral Collision in the second video, where I finish the first draft of the world map. Some stuff I know I'll need to tweak, and other stuff I may tweak (as playtesting reveals the need to do so), but I at least figure out where everything is gonna go and which world map regions originate from which hero's world.

Direct video links:

Guild Wars 1—Skill Review Project: Lessons Learned -
Making Astral Collision (An RPG Maker MV Project) Part 4 -


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