Hollow Knight Epilogue 10 and Part 4 of Dark Souls II Retrospective

A tragedy struck, and unfortunately a bunch of boss fights failed to get recorded. So this week's Hollow Knight episode is a search for all of the grubs. I find a lot of other stuff along the way, so it's got some nice exploration in it, too.

The Dark Souls II retrospective episode (with a name change because a check on Google Trends has shone that "Dark Souls 2" gets searched for far more than "Dark Souls II" does) is about the world design and level design of the game, along with a bunch of adjacent concepts (like torches, enemy respawn limits, etcetera).

Direct video links:

Hollow Knight Epilogue Ep. 10: Hunting for Grub(s) - https://youtu.be/mSKVpdKKGDk
Dark Souls 2: A Retrospective—Part 4: World & Level Design - https://youtu.be/OH_5Wbq3CJA


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