Final Hollow Knight Epilogue and Dark Souls II Retrospective Episodes

This weekend is one of conclusions, as it has had both the last episode of the Hollow Knight Epilogue as well as the final episode of the Dark Souls II retrospective.

In the Hollow Knight episode, I give a try to beating The Radiance again, but I just do not enjoy the fight. I decide to go poking around at a few other odds and ends (such as the Coliseum of Fools), where I find some other stuff. But I think I've gotten out of this game all I care to, so it's time to go ahead and set it down.

Speaking of odds and ends, that's mostly what the Dark Souls II retrospective episode covers. There's a bunch of smaller things I talk about in it. I end the episode with some of my final thoughts from the series.

Direct video links:

Hollow Knight Epilogue Ep. 11: Knowing When to Quit -
Dark Souls 2: A Retrospective—Part 5: Odds, Ends, & My Final Thoughts -


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