Hollow Knight Epilogue Episode 8 and Dark Souls 2 Retrospective Part 2

In Hollow Knight this week, I challenge the final boss. Again and again and again. It really gives me a proper what's for!

In the Dark Souls II Retrospective video, I gush over the level aesthetics. I generally avoid talking about the mechanical aspects of the level design, as well as the world design. Those are topics for future episodes. For now, join me in admiring the environment art of this game!

Direct video links:

Hollow Knight Epilogue Ep. 8: The RADIANCE! (kicks my butt) - https://youtu.be/rR05cYQtvlM
Dark Souls II: A Retrospective—Part 2: Level Aesthetics - https://youtu.be/zGXJnJkum9M


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