FTL: Faster Than Light—First Play

FTL: Faster Than Light is a space crew simulator rogue-like type of game. I started by going through the tutorial, then attempted several runs. None of them ended well, but that's OK. The game is fun, and I expect to play it on the weekends occasionally.

Direct video links:

FTL: Faster Than Light—Ep. 1: The Tutorial - https://youtu.be/_1LU-U8xJ_Y
FTL: Faster Than Light—Ep. 2: My First Voyage Begins! - https://youtu.be/DSaV-uyKcZM
FTL: Faster Than Light—Ep. 3: My First Voyage Ends! - https://youtu.be/pa4bdP6Pvg4
FTL: Faster Than Light—Ep. 4: The Voyage of The Doomed! - https://youtu.be/2F3uivfNCy8
FTL: Faster Than Light—Ep. 5: The Little Engineers that Can't - https://youtu.be/pZ1huIJoyqg


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