The Magic Circle Epilogue and Guild Chat: Creep Scope

The first video this weekend is an epilogue to the The Magic Circle playthrough. Given the ridiculous length of that game's finale, I didn't really have time in the final episode to give my thoughts on the game. Also, I wanted more time to digest and process it. So I decided to share my thoughts here.

The second video is a Guild Chat on scope creep, which is when a project slowly balloons to ridiculous proportions to the point where completing it becomes too resource intensive to do well.

This weekend also marks a bit of a change in the weekend video slots. I've decided that, in general, the Guild Chat videos are a bit too much of a content mismatch between the audio and video portions. As such, I'm discontinuing the idea. While I may still make videos on random discussion topics, I want to handle them in a more cohesive way when I do make them.

Moving forward, you can usually expect edited gameplay with live commentary, but unlike the Let's Plays, these videos will be with games I have experience with. Basically, I'm usually going to use these slots to play some games I've played before and I enjoy continuing to play. That said, I do intend to experiment with the weekend slots, too, so there will be some unexpected stuff!

Direct video links:

The Magic Circle Epilogue: Thoughts on the Game -
Game Dev: The Dangers of Scope Creep -


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