Let's Play The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is a relatively short (given I finished it in one week!) game, but a very interesting one. I'll definitely have a future video discussing it. The game itself is a sort of metaphor for creativity and creation from multiple angles using the premise of a game called "The Magic Circle." It's very interesting, and a real thinker of a game!

Direct video links:

The Magic Circle Ep. 1: Enter Development - https://youtu.be/y4lonMh3D6k
The Magic Circle Ep. 2: Uncovering the Past - https://youtu.be/CR3FjAhWqv0
The Magic Circle Ep. 3: Using the Map - https://youtu.be/UKauPZ3bcjQ
The Magic Circle Ep. 4: Ghost Puzzles - https://youtu.be/LgkFce5MBD0
The Magic Circle Ep. 5: Feature-Length Finale! - https://youtu.be/08kE-zZbgkU


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