Hollow Knight Double Feature and Guild Wars 1: Getting to 10k Luxon Faction

I didn't feel like starting a new thing for one episode, so Friday gets to be an honorary member of the weekend this week. At least for my video series, at least!

The first two of these are continuing my journey in Hollow Knight, as I pursue the requirements necessary to get a better ending.

The third video is more Guild Wars 1 stuff. Specifically, I continue what I'd started last time with the pursuit of 10,000 Luxon faction, except there's no anniversary celebration weekend to distract me!

Direct video links:

Hollow Knight Epilogue Ep. 2: The Traitor Lord - https://youtu.be/2b0EnpqvKEE
Hollow Knight Epilogue Ep. 3: Markoth - https://youtu.be/Iq9el5timXc
Guild Wars 1: Getting to 10,000 Luxon Faction! - https://youtu.be/vMp4PWA3cs0


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