Let's Play Hollow Knight Episodes 36-40

I make significant progress this week, with a lot of exploration and finding a lot of things. Of particular note is the Wednesday video, where I take down a very challenging boss that leads to one of the beings I'm seeking. I definitely feel like I'm moving towards the end of the game, which, to be fair, I probably should be after 40 episodes!

Direct video links:

Let's Play Hollow Knight Ep. 36: Pleasure House - https://youtu.be/77aR0FH5maA
Let's Play Hollow Knight Ep. 37: Adorable Womb Babies - https://youtu.be/_a6LV1aayyk
Let's Play Hollow Knight Ep. 38: The Watcher Knights - https://youtu.be/JphQgDg-5es
Let's Play Hollow Knight Ep. 39: The Watcher - https://youtu.be/dkDRTND9JQc
Let's Play Hollow Knight Ep. 40: Let's Go EVERYWHERE! - https://youtu.be/aJ5yYP8gE1U


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