"Fear Me!" - Guild Wars 1 Skill Review Project (Warrior)

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"Fear Me!" is a Tactics Warrior skill that costs 4 Adrenaline and has a 6 second recharge. As a shout, it has no activation time. Its description is as follows:
Shout. All nearby foes lose 1...3...4 Energy. For 1...12...15 second[s], your melee attacks gain +5...25...30% chance of a critical hit against stationary foes.
Rating: 4/5

This rating might seem oddly high, and to some extent it is. However, "Fear Me!" gets this rating by being a generically useful Tactics skill. In general, if I have a melee attacker using Tactics, this particular skill ends up on their skill bar.

So while I rarely go into Tactics for this skill (usually only if I'm trying to make an Energy denial build), if I'm already there, I'll often bring it. This is for a few reasons. The first is that energy pressure like this is very useful. It is easy to underestimate, but in very intense combat situations, suddenly losing 3 Energy is not a minor thing, especially for healers. That means this skill can cause enemy teams to suddenly crumble faster than would be expected because the healers run out of Energy.

Additionally, the bonus chance to critical hit does increase damage some. It is notably useful for Assassins, which benefit from the higher critical hit chance due to their primary attribute, and anyone using a Scythe due to the AoE nature of the weapon. The fact that the target has to be stationary isn't a huge drawback, particularly when fighting the AI (as one does in PvE), due to the fact that you always critical hit a moving target that is facing away from you.

Finally, because this skill provides a shout buff that stays on the character that uses it for a while, it combos with skills that benefit from the character having a shout buff on them, notably the "Soldier" skills also found in Tactics. This is notable, as the number of other options for a shout buff in Tactics is somewhat limited.


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