"Coward!" - Guild Wars 1 Skill Review Project (Warrior)

Guild Wars 1 Skill Review Project Overview Post - Warrior Overview Post

"Coward!" is a Warrior skill with no associated attribute. It costs 4 Adrenaline to activate and has a 2 second recharge. As it is a shout, it has no activation time. Its description is as follows:
Elite Shout. If target foe is moving, that foe is knocked down.
Rating: 3/5

This is one of those skills that seems pretty decent on the surface, but turns out to be kind of awkward to use. It's mostly useful for using the knockdown to snare foes you are actively chasing with a melee attack, though I could see it being used to also disrupt someone pursuing one of your casters.

All of this means that it's a fine, but not a particularly exciting, skill. You shouldn't bring it expecting to be able to combo with the knockdown, since the fact that the target has to be moving for it to actually knock them down means that it is usually very difficult to capitalize on that knockdown. It definitely is better on a Warrior using the Stonefist insignia (an armor modification that increases knockdown duration by 1 second), though the lack of associated attribute technically means anyone can use it.

It's best use is probably actually on a ranged attacker who uses it to aid allies, either with getting away from enemies or closing the distance to them. I can see that being useful, but probably not useful enough to warrant its use over another elite skill. The fact that it is an elite skill is probably the thing that hampers it the most, though if it wasn't, it'd likely be a problem in PvP.


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