"Charge!" - Guild Wars 1 Skill Review Project (Warrior)

Guild Wars 1 Skill Review Project Overview Post - Warrior Overview Post

"Charge!" is a Tactics Warrior skill that costs 5 energy to activate and has a 20 second recharge. As a shout, it has no activation time. Its description is as follows:
Elite Shout. Allies in earshot lose the Crippled condition. For 5...11...13 seconds, these allies move 33% faster.
Rating: 4/5

This rating is somewhat generous. From a pure combat standpoint, it definitely doesn't deserve it. However, I like having "Charge!" available on two members of my party for the purposes of moving more quickly across maps outside of combat. It's purely based on this usefulness that I've given it this rating; otherwise it would probably be a 3/5.

It does have competition for this out-of-combat purpose with "Fall Back!". The fact that the Paragon skill isn't an elite wins it points over "Charge!", but the fact that you need 3 instances (rather than the 2 of "Charge!") to keep it up continuously, plus it's relative uselessness in combat, mean that "Charge!" is definitely worthy of consideration for this role.

The bonus of removing Crippled on use is nice, but likely won't come up all that often.


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