Let's Learn Stellaris Episodes 5-9

This week of Stellaris saw a lot of change. I met my first intelligent alien neighbors (and several more arrived soon afterwards!), and they declared war on me. I'm not sure how much I want to pursue offensive action against them or not, but I feel pretty confident in my defensive position right now.

Direct video links:

Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 5: Maybe Aliens? - https://youtu.be/pWdUMTW_HDE
Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 6: Galactic Empires Take Time to Build... - https://youtu.be/QYDc1sl8Z-8
Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 7: Definitely Aliens! - https://youtu.be/pj8Ohevp61c
Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 8: Friendly Black Hole - https://youtu.be/GBK2ZhbOOGM
Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 9: A Defensive War - https://youtu.be/fRqUAhB-4rg


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