Let's Learn Stellaris Episodes 15-19

Stellaris is a fun game! This week saw another war attempt by the Larongo, which ended poorly for them. I also made a lot of expansions. But perhaps the most important thing was me beginning to look into more details of the effects of buildings for my colonies. I'm understanding more and more of the mechanics of the game, which is what this particular series is supposed to be all about. I am calling it "Let's Learn Stellaris" after all!

Direct video links:

Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 15: Learning Details - https://youtu.be/_NZC_-A1oyY
Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 16: Rescue Attempt - https://youtu.be/km2HNBP4Krs
Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 17: Aggressive Neighbor - https://youtu.be/4OZ03J4lcYc
Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 18: Expansionism - https://youtu.be/E4GwCtRucD8
Let's Learn Stellaris Ep. 19: Mass Upgrades Time! - https://youtu.be/VMtdx6pCm2s


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