Dreamlogic: And now it is time for some design planning

I've learned that I tend to be someone who gets overwhelmed easily if I try to envision too big of a thing at once. So for everything I've done with RPG Maker, it's always started off with experimentation. What can I do with the tool?

Of course, I inevitably run into the point where I want to have some, you know, consistency or something. A story, perhaps, with things like plot arcs. These need some planning.

I've hit that point with Dreamlogic. So I've begun the process of figuring out my party members, from whom the worlds will be derived. This is an important part of the process, but one that I tend to get bogged down with. I'll need to figure out how to not have that happen here.

Uh, nothing major to say beyond that. But a short post doesn't hurt, does it?


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