VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 247-253)

This week I focused on doing stuff on my Ranger, Anna Yggdrasill. I collected heroes and skills and began pursuing the Prophecies storyline. Recording these episodes made me really appreciate the structure of Prophecies when it comes to acquiring skills in a way that I'd forgotten over the years. It's definitely something I'm thinking about as a game designer.

Direct video links:

Guild Wars: Recruiting Heroes - https://youtu.be/xWyqrYL5B3I
Guild Wars: Chasing Zenmai - https://youtu.be/-W-XkwGOjSY
Guild Wars: D'Alessio Seaboard - https://youtu.be/kb0kNMcG12U
Guild Wars: Skill Questing in Kryta - https://youtu.be/V8h3rSMMSQM
Guild Wars: Deja Vu? - https://youtu.be/RkEU17v-D1Q
Guild Wars: To the Temple of the Ages! - https://youtu.be/H-k6ern-pKE
Guild Wars: Tablets of Janthir - https://youtu.be/A6vc1TuRgro


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