VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 226-232)

This week saw me conclude the War in Kryta (which was a lot shorter to play through than Winds of Change, but I think that's because it was more streamlined than the original release). I also began Hearts of the North, which takes place between the War in Kryta and Winds of Change.

Direct video links:

Guild Wars: Koril the Malignant - https://youtu.be/4aprxbLoV9Q
Guild Wars: Mustering Our Defenses - https://youtu.be/Z23-8FMzxyo
Guild Wars: Mantle On Our Heels - https://youtu.be/yK7Ys3TpaKw
Guild Wars: Defending Lion's Arch - https://youtu.be/5rlQon2JEHw
Guild Wars: War in Kryta Denouement - https://youtu.be/Fv-6I5xgE90
Guild Wars: Gwen Gets Promoted - https://youtu.be/oT-fCDZLWy0
Guild Wars: Keiran and Miku - https://youtu.be/DVnb9FFAVCY


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