VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 254-262)

Hello! This week (+2 days, because 2018 is ending on a Monday) saw me cover most of the Wintersday event in Guild Wars 1. I had fun recording all of this, and am very glad to have it more spread-out than Halloween ended up being.

This also marks the end of VOD of Consciousness round-ups, because today's episode was the last VOD of Consciousness episode. New years are times of change, and that's definitely happening here. VODoC had a good run, but, well, you all saw the announcement video, right? (If not, you should be able to find it previously posted here!)

Thank you for watching, and please continue to join me with the new content I'm making!

-- Sientir

Direct video links:

Guild Wars: Decorations - https://youtu.be/irf3aLXa8oA
Guild Wars: Present...Defense? - https://youtu.be/Ut2D8m69Ljg
Guild Wars: Merry Christmas! - https://youtu.be/a3u9_7wxtjY
Guild Wars: Gift Retrieval - https://youtu.be/kG45G62nNXk
Guild Wars: Dancing Moa and Skruuj - https://youtu.be/_MUfeAURWUs
Guild Wars: From Istan to the Eye of the North - https://youtu.be/a8fJc6Y5YnY
Guild Wars: Divine Battle in a Winter Wonderland - https://youtu.be/R7jvCdG4fVU
Guild Wars: Wintersday in LA - https://youtu.be/dq3QswxTaes
Guild Wars: Wintersday Conclusion - https://youtu.be/cwq1n5WBIyc


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