VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 198-204)

This week I spent my time playing through more of the Winds of Change content for Guild Wars 1. Things are really heating up in the story, and in a way that feels like oddly relevant social commentary for today.

Direct video links:

Guild Wars 1: The Ministry of Zealotry - https://youtu.be/Vw-h8C-KyS4
Guild Wars 1: Jade Bomberhood - https://youtu.be/DtiPVzu5r0g
Guild Wars 1: Gang Machinations - https://youtu.be/WRJYMT9xo1g
Guild Wars 1: Defending the Luxons - https://youtu.be/-Sw1Fah_3j4
Guild Wars 1: Seeking Ashu - https://youtu.be/dlb9d7QvI-M
Guild Wars 1: The Angchu Tengu - https://youtu.be/TaKXcNXBVjM
Guild Wars 1: Ryun Grayfeather - https://youtu.be/lFVHW6m0f4g


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