VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 211-218)

This week saw me complete the main story for the Winds of Change content in Guild Wars 1. I then did the Zinn quests and began the War in Kryta. A lot of specific questing, huh? Though, I do make time to go and grab an elite skill or two along the way.

Direct video links:

Guild Wars: Defending Kaineng Center! - https://youtu.be/4OhOByl-fQc
Guild Wars: Defending Cantha's Citizens - https://youtu.be/cgvnDrTZV8A
Guild Wars: Defending Shing Jea! - https://youtu.be/b5fxdet_cr4
Guild Wars: Winds of Change Finale - https://youtu.be/pfTb3v5H6KM
Guild Wars: Zinn's Killer Golems - https://youtu.be/ofwjNy8cuDc
Guild Wars: Zinn!!!! - https://youtu.be/u7zIr1RqzOQ
Guild Wars: War in Kryta and Asuran Trials - https://youtu.be/gdZaqnG1Kpc


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