VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 205-211)

This week was mostly focused on the Halloween content in Guild Wars 1. I'm glad I was able to get to it, since I didn't actually get to record until November 1st! I had fun playing it, and it makes me excited for the Wintersday content that'll come out around Christmas/New Years.

Direct video links:

Guild Wars: Halloween in Tyria Part 1 (A Halloween Special) - https://youtu.be/2_Rwa9egPbQ
Guild Wars: Halloween in Tyria Part 2 (A Halloween Special) - https://youtu.be/ea7p_FpFDX0
Guild Wars: Halloween in Elona Part 1 (A Halloween Special) - https://youtu.be/M8WYeUcbTv0
Guild Wars: Halloween in Elona Part 2 (A Halloween Special) - https://youtu.be/DWV4_2QdZBI
Guild Wars: The Mad King's Underworld Emissary (A Halloween Special) - https://youtu.be/Il9bbBlVdk8
Guild Wars: The Mad King vs. Palawa Joko (A Halloween Special) - https://youtu.be/42Dxz3MQIV8
Guild Wars: The Truth About Ashu - https://youtu.be/UAylzoVe_mE


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