VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 142-148)

This week I finished Eye of the North's story. I also had a couple of extremely long episodes as I tried to stuff the Wayfarer's Reverie into one week. I ended up not being able to do that, so there are going to be a bunch of (shorter) Wayfarer's Reverie videos next week as well!

I also continued the Fury3 Let's Play, of course.

Direct video links:

Into Destructions Depths - https://youtu.be/nMdQvn0BKuI
The Central Transfer Chamber - https://youtu.be/Z7GQKdplJjU
The Great Destroyer - https://youtu.be/grBnmaiVmSk
Wayfaring in Cantha - https://youtu.be/O5L2GJhlQ0E
Wayfaring in Elona - https://youtu.be/bXl0R4VfBCo
Still Wayfaring in Elona - https://youtu.be/_-YqL_b8kt8
Let's Play: Fury 3 (Part 4) - https://youtu.be/3lRYe1v8nzo


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