VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 163-169)

This week I continued the Winds of Change content, making it through cleansing the rest of the areas near Kaineng. I struggled a lot on Shing Jea Island, though, both in Minister Cho's Estate (where some bad build decisions complicated my efforts) and massively in Haiju Lagoon. I spent a lot of episodes this week trying out various builds to try and conquer that particular quest, and they were longer than normal, too.

The buildcrafting process is one I personally find really engaging, so the recording times felt shorter than the episodes actually are. A sign of a well-crafted system, but perhaps the videos are a bit long, heh.

Direct video links:

Winds of Change: Cleansing Sunjiang - https://youtu.be/sMBN_fqe8FQ
Menagerie of Death - https://youtu.be/GltSiaN-EQM
Three Person Team - https://youtu.be/gBZm6iSiNDQ
My White Whale - https://youtu.be/oKbmlwCQZ2M
Build Experiments in Haiju Lagoon - https://youtu.be/J1ym03Xn-xY
Try Pacifism - https://youtu.be/_3tdQF1zR6E
Let's Play: Fury 3 (Part 7) - https://youtu.be/KAmbUKMswGU


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