VOD of Consciousness Weekly Round-Up

This week, I spent my time in Ascalon, playing through the missions there. It was riddled with ups and downs and full of nostalgia. Good times! I do quite enjoy the barren, ruined wasteland aesthetic of post-Searing Ascalon, and I think this week's videos do a reasonably good job of showing that off. It's definitely an aesthetic I'd like to be able to try in a game someday!

Direct video links:

Ascalon Chase Scene - https://youtu.be/MA5Z3XvA93Q
Valleys Lined With Charr - https://youtu.be/FZVcZ0WqTaI
Rebuilding a Trebuchet - https://youtu.be/u3N-iBRSu6Y
An Introduction to Rurik's AI - https://youtu.be/wnFodDuEmb4
Forgotten Portal Technology - https://youtu.be/zz7TSRRbqA4
Ascalon's First Ghost Problem - https://youtu.be/dnfnIo6Ms1w
Rurik and Adelbern - https://youtu.be/NEsdX9ERT_8


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