VOD of Consciousness Weekly Round-Up!

This week was interesting. I started it by continuing on in the Shiverpeak Mountains for the Young Heroes of Tyria book, but after The Frost Gate decided to turn my attentions elsewhere. Eventually, I decided I wanted to acquire more of the PvE only skills available in the Eye of the North expansion, so I headed up that way to do just that.

Direct video links:

Over Borlis Pass - https://youtu.be/DHMHlEySQQo
To Grooble's Gulch - https://youtu.be/7Nb6eC_xSXQ
Master Spy Rornak Stonesledge - https://youtu.be/Cvmn2f1ka8M
Too Much Healer Aggro - https://youtu.be/n8iKalnwzeA
Temporal Opposites - https://youtu.be/4xiHg8fJShU
Tourney Time! - https://youtu.be/gYnm94uwf7Q
To Olafstead - https://youtu.be/oC4VAcNcVtA


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