Geekdom of God Ep. 3 - The Stumbling Block of Legalism

In this episode, I talk extensively about the concept of Legalism.

A few notes:

1. This episode is much longer than I want episodes to generally be. My target is 10-12 minutes or less, with an allowance for the rare 15 minute episode of a topic can't be split up very well. On the bright side, this episode and its length has given me a lot of good data to draw from that'll help me be within my desired time limit on future episodes!

2. I'm trying out a "cold open" in this one, where rather than starting right away with the greeting, I instead open with a relevant Bible quotation. Let me know what you think!

3. Speaking of requests for feedback, one of the side effects of the length of this episode is that I went for a much simpler video style than I did with the previous episode. Let me know what you think! Do you prefer this simpler style? Did you like all of the text in the previous episode? Would you prefer something in between?

As always, thanks for watching and listening!

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