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Geekdom of God Ep. 9 - An Unholy War

In this episode, I talk about a few of the ways that Christians can end up waging an unholy war against non-Christians, which is something that shouldn't happen, yet sadly does.

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VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 128-134)

This week on VOD of Consciousness saw me finish up stuff in the Charr Homelands region of the map (at least for now) with me completing a number of side quests there. I also made my way into the Asuran lands, even recruiting Oola. Finally, I continued the Fury 3 Let's Play, completing the second planet.

Direct video links:

Seeking Anton, Discussing Ultimates -
Anton's Revenge -
Titan's Forest -
To Asuran Lands! -
Brand New Rata Sum -
Oola's Lab -
Let's Play: Fury 3 (Part 2) -

Geekdom of God Ep. 8 - The Lay Christian Myth

Today I wanted to talk about a certain type of myth that can develop about the role of lay Christians in the church.

I created this video using a new technique! Hopefully you like it. I definitely see a lot of room to grow with it. As it is new, there are a few rough spots, so please bear with me as I figure out how to best use it.

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VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 121-127)

This week I played a lot more Guild Wars 1, as is customary. I'm wanting to get a lot more progress made in the Eye of the North expansion's story, so I spent a lot of this week doing that. I also started a Fury 3 Let's Play subseries within VOD of Consciousness that I'm planning on running on Saturdays. I think there should be about 7-8 episodes of that?
Oh, I also switched up the ordering of the name, so that instead of "VOD of Consciousness [2018] Ep. ### - Title", I put the Title first and the VOD of Consciousness part second. My hope is that, if people see them recommended, the actual title being first will make them sound more interesting. Also, if the title gets partially cut off, then I'd rather lose the VOD of Consciousness part than the actual episode name.

Direct video links:

Searing Crystal Crater -
Search For the Ebon Vanguard -
Capturing Doomlore Shrine -…

Geekdom of God Ep. 7 - The Core Beliefs of Christianity

This was a hard episode for me to write, as my natural inclination is to delve deeply into any given subject, whereas this episode required me to be be shallow and broad. That said, it's an important topic!

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VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 114-120)

This week I finished off my (on screen) time in Pre-Searing Ascalon, returning to my Paragon and tackling the Norn/Dwarf portion of the Eye of the North storyline in order to gain access to some quests needed to unlock some powerful Player vs. Environment only skills.

I also tried an experiment, where I played a different game, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, for one episode. I'm curious to know what people thought of that!

Direct video links:

Bandits of Regent Valley -
The Nornbear -
Evicting Charr -
Hunting Destroyers the Norn Way -
King Jalis's Encampment -
To Middle-Earth! -
How Does This Slalom Work? -
In this episode, I discuss a modern day heresy: The Prosperity Gospel. There is more to say on it than I am able to in one short video, so I see this as more of a start than a complete analysis.
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VOD of Consciousness Round-Up (2018 Season, Episodes 107-113)

This week saw me continue my time in Pre-Searing Ascalon. I finished fleshing out my collector armor set (well, unless you can't the "expensive" helmet from Professor Yakington) and finally ventured north of the wall! I had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed the beauty of Pre-Searing Ascalon. It's such a gorgeous place.

Direct video links:

Nicholas's Hidden Garden -
Back Country Regent Valley -
Master Ranger Nente -
Necromancy in the Catacombs -
Taking a Hike in Wizard's Folly -
A Journey Northish -
North of the Wall -